Why do you need a reputed accounting firm?

There are a variety of services that are being offered by accounting firms today. The scope of the services that are provided by such firms tend to vary according to their knowledge, expertise and experience. This is the reason why you must choose a good and reputed accounting firm to handle your affairs. Some of the common services that any accounting firm will provide is preparation of final accounts, managerial advisory services, etc.

However, if you go for a reputed firm, they will be in a position to provide you with many other services that other firms will not. Thus, here is a list of some other specialised services that the MMG Archbold Accountancy Firm Scotland provides to its clients.

External Auditing

External auditing is one of the most important services provided by an accounting firm. This basically focuses on critically examining the financial statements by a certified public accountant. It is done so that it can be checked if the final accounts have been drawn up properly or not. Also, the certified public accountant checks the fairness of the contents of the financial statements.

After this is done, an audit report is made by the CPA. This audit report is basically a formal opinion issued by the auditor regarding the evaluation and audit that has been performed. An audit report for any firm is extremely important as it tells a lot about the company and its method of conducting things. Therefore, it becomes absolutely essential to employ a good and responsible accounting firm to make the audit report.

Tax Services

Tax is one of the most important aspects of accounting. This is why various firms have whole departments dedicated just to provide tax services. One of the most important parts of tax servicing is praparing the client’s income tax file, business and transfer tax. What happens here is that the client is representated by the accountant in tax assessments and investigations. You must employ a good and experienced firm in order to hadle your taxes because the tax accountants are required to be up to date with all the relevant tax laws and regulations. Handling taxes can be quite a tricky affair and must be left to professionals only.


Budgeting basically means proper management of cash by anticipating the various monetary objectives that may arise in the future. What accountants do is that they do a comparitive study and analysis of the actual flow of cash in the relevant period as compared to what the figures should have been in that given period of time. Any difference in the amount is then critically analysed by the managemnet in order to understand the causes of the change in the figure, determining whether the scenario is positive or negative for the company and then accordingly make changes in the system. The main motive of conducting this analysis is bridge the gap between the budgeted and the actual performance in a given time frame.

Thus, with so many responsibilities bestowd on the accpunting firm, it is highly recommended that you go for such a firm that is well reputed and also is able to handle your affairs easily.